Exchange Student

PaolaHi everyone!!  My name is Paola, but you can call me Pao.  Almost two months ago I arrived here in Paradise.  I was so excited because I love the adventures, to meet people, to learn and live new experiences.   My time here so far is worth it.   I was born in Mexico 17 years ago, and this is the longest  time that I have been separated from my family.  It was a little hard at the beginning because my english is not really good and to start everything from scratch.  I’m enjoying friends,  school, family, and sports.   In school I am taking not really hard classes, but sometimes the vocabulary is challenging.  For the last month I was practicing cross country and now I am planning to play soccer.  The traditions are very similar as Mexico, but always change a little.  I feel really happy and blessed to be here, I am so lucky with my host families, my consellor, friends and everyone that I meet.  The time is flying but I plan to enjoy it.   Paradise is a town under a forest, with beautiful sunsets and rivers, nice people and delicious food, lakes and mountains, animals and trees.  I couldn´t ask for a better place to live this amazing year – it will stay with me forever.