On Saturday October 31st an award ceremony was held during the Paradise Adventist outdoor service to honor Joelle Chinnock, Director of Disaster Recovery & Development, and her pivotal work in the coordination of the Camp Fire Shed Project. Spanning three rounds of shed building, Paradise Adventist Church and Maranatha Volunteers International successfully built over 400 sheds. The project has recieved funding from many organizations across the North State, including the Paradise Rotary Foundation, which granted $112,500 to the project. The Rotary Club of Paradise is very thankful to the  Paradise Adventist Church and Joelle Chinnock for their efforts in the Camp Fire Shed Project and the lasting postive impact it will have on our community. 

Pictured below: images of the ceremony provided by Paradise Rotarian, Donn Thomson. Club President Tom Baker and Paradise Rotarians Maureen Wisener, Shannon Hurte, Pam Gray, and Donn Thomson were in attendance. Pastor Steve assisted in the presentation of the thank you to Joelle.